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300ml Doubled Walled Glass Tea Tumbler

300ml Doubled Walled Glass Tea Tumbler

300ml Doubled Walled Glass Tea Tumbler

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Looking for a New Way to Indulge in your Favourite Tea & Coffee?
You love keeping yourself healthy. This is why there aren’t any organic black tea or oolong tea benefits, which you’re not familiar with already. There is just one question. - How do you get the most from your favourite teas and coffees when at work or on the go?

Meet the Happy Way Tumbler
Need a post-workout black tea or ice tea infusion? Stylish and modern, the Happy Way Tumbler makes the perfect addition to any gym bag.

One of the top 10 portable coffee and tea tumblers on the market, the Happy Way Tumbler features a durable grip lid and a double-walled glass drinks vessel. This means that your favourite black tea, herbal teas, and coffee can maintain their temperature for longer while on the go.

Free 2-in-1 Stainless Steel Infuser
Herbal teas like oolong and organic green tea, help keep the body in perfect harmony. That said, indulging in your favourite hot beverages on the go, isn’t always easy.

Thankfully, the Happy Way Tumbler includes a free detachable stainless steel infuser and drinks strainer. This means that users can prepare tea and coffee easily, even when not in the kitchen.

Grab & Go Travel Ready Design
Hate not having your favourite coffee on hand when traveling?

Designed to be durable enough to hike with, the Happy Way Tumbler is just as perfect for outdoor adventures as it is daily office commuting.

Our no-leak lid completely banishes accidental spills. This means you can jog, hike, kayak, and cycle with the Happy Way Tumbler, without there ever being a threat of accidental spilling or leaking.

BPA-Free Whey Protein Powder Benefits
Super teas like oolong, are only ever as super as the vessels which they are stored in. Thankfully, as well as being 100% eco-friendly, the Happy Way Tumbler is also 100% BPA and toxin free.

No chemicals, no leaching, no plastic aftertaste. - Just you and your favourite hot beverages, wherever you happen to be traveling.


Bottom diameter: 6.5cm. Height 17cm. Lid diameter: 7.7cm


Use boiling water responsibly.


Although our tumblers are made of the strongest glass, beware that glass can break and you should always handle with care. Not Dishwasher safe.