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Lorna Jane On The Glo | Beauty Bars | Salted Peanut Brownie (12 bars)

Lorna Jane On The Glo | Beauty Bars | Salted Peanut Brownie (12 bars)

Lorna Jane On The Glo | Beauty Bars | Salted Peanut Brownie (12 bars)

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"I always have them in my bag to satisfy my sweet cravings on the go xx"

We love a good snack and love it even more if it has beauty and wellness benefits. So we are pretty obsessed with these Beauty Bars, not only do they contain beauty boosting collagen, they also have magnesium for muscle repair and a calm and happy mind.

Marine Collagen – with collagen making up a whopping 80 percent of our skin it’s important to ensure we support it however we can. Marine collagen is 100% pure and highly bio available, meaning it’s easily absorbed, the benefits include improving skin elasticity and hydration, promoting healthy hair and nail growth, as well as supporting joint health.

Magnesium – it doesn’t get the “master mineral” title for no reason. It does it all from soothing and repairing your muscles, supporting a calm mind for better sleep, nourishing your hormones and encouraging healthy blood sugar balance.

Chicory root - Rich in prebiotic fibre to feed and support your gut health, this nutrient rich root will support digestion and healthy bowel movements. Chicory root is also known for containing high levels of antioxidants to shield and protect the body & skin.

Grass Fed Whey – the superior whey supplement, as it is not exposed to hormone treatments and fed genetically modified organisms. A clean source of whey protein that will not impact your insides.

The over achieving snack to stash in your desk drawer or bag for life on the glo.




Chicory Root Fibre, Dates, Peanut Butter, Marine Collagen (14.4%), Roasted Peanuts, Cocoa, Organic Cacao Nibs, Organic Cacao Butter, NZ Pasture Fed Whey Concentrate, Rice Bran Shreds (Rice Flour, Rice Bran, Prune Juice), Natural Peanut Butter Flavour, Magnesium, Himalayan Salt.

ALLERGEN WARNING - Contains fish (from marine collagen).

Because we use all natural ingredients, texture and taste may vary, depending on the season.

Servings Per Package - 12 Bars
Servings Size - 50g
PER 50G PER 100G
ENERGY (KJ) 805.6 1611.3
CALORIES 192.7 385.5
PROTEIN (G) 11.6 23.1
FAT 10.0 19.9
SATURATED (G) 2.5 5.0
SUGARS (G) 7.2 14.5
SODIUM (MG) 58.6 117.3
FIBRE 9.4 18.8
The composition of this food as provided here is subject to natural variation and is intended as a guide only.