Distribute your product in Hong Kong and China

Looking to expand your business and enter new markets in Asia? Get more information below to see what we offer and how we can help!

We offer more than
just retail store coverage

Traditional distributors focusses on a big network of retail chains, stores, outlets and wholesalers. While we also have our retail network as our foundation we prefer to focus on more strategic partnerships that would add more value to our partner brands.

We partner with local gyms, fitness chains, fitness communities, influencers, restaurants, education sector and e-commerce platforms. We want to help you build your brand awareness and reputation as fast as possible and at the same time make it as accessible as possible for your future customers.


Looking to enter new markets?

If you are looking to expand your business by entering new markets such as Asia then there is lots to consider. If you go at it alone the process could be a very long one and very expensive. The traditional way is to set up offices, hire staff, training them, set up entities and the list goes on.

By working with a partner such as Elan Nutrition, you can minimise cost, significantly shorten the time it takes to go to market and get the right advice from an experienced team. If you want an in-depth discussion on the process of entering into new markets, chat to us we are more than happy to assist!

Elan Nutrition Advantage

We believe everything needs to start with a strong foundation, and that is the ability to source great products and form strategic alliances with our partners. See below why you should choose us!

Sourcing Partners

We are very picky when it comes to nutritional products, we look into things like how it’s manufactured, where the ingredients are sourced from and the company values and mission.


Our team is made of marketing experts, we have proven track records of helping our clients grow through integrated marketing strategies that gets results!


We even have our own e-commerce store to further drive demand for our clients products. We run our own advertising campaigns in addition to your marketing efforts to maximise our results.


We have partnered up with reputable fulfillment centres in Hong Kong & China, to offer our retailers and customers fast delivery. We are very data driven and leverage data to work more efficiently with our wholesalers and suppliers internationally.

Data Driven Insights

We are a data-driven company, industry experience can kick start things off and push you in the right direction. But we are in a world of constant change, so it is always important to test your hypothesis and validate it with data.

We use data to drive insights on consumer trends to help distribute our products to our retailers, we use data to help with inventory management between our suppliers and wholesalers, we use data to help our suppliers manage their manufacturing to minimise wastage.